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About us



Stanislaw Moniuszko School of Fine Arts


Stanislaw Moniuszko School of Fine Arts is located in Carol Wagner’s Palace which is surrounded by wonderful landscape. The building has a rich history.

Firstly the possetion belonged to the Chlebovichs and later to the Chodkevichs. In 1823 Salcininkai has been purchased by the Duke Carol Wagner (1786-1863). After his death Salcininkai estate was managed by his son Olgerd (1819-1891).

Later the Palac was inherited by Vitold, the son of Olgerd. The last owner of the estate was Carol Wagner II (till 1939).

The present building has been built in New renaissance and New classicism style during the rule of Olgerd Wagner in 1880.The author of this project was possibly the German architect Herzschold.

The building was damaged during the World War II.


Since 1974 in the Palace of Carol Wagner “muses have settled” – and in this way the School of Fine Arts has been founded. Today it is a centre of educating students’ creativity and their aesthetic development. About 220 students have an opportunity to be accepted to the faculty of piano, accordion, stringed instruments, brass instruments, percussion, art and choreography. Various methodological seminars for teachers are organized at school. Besides, the students constantly participate in festivals, exhibitions, and competitions of district, country and international. Students from all faculties of the school have been the winners of the competitions. The creative school collective organizes and implements different projects successfully: International Youth Festival of Brass Orchestra “Singing Spring”, international Moniuszko festival – competitions of Polish instrumental and vocal music, district accordion festival. The faculty of choreography has shown 8 ballet – performances: “Nutcracker”, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “Dr. Oh it hurts”, “Cinderella”, “Silver Dreams”, “Ballet Shoes” and a project, that was adopted not only by Salcininkai spectators but also abroad very well.

 Stanislaw Moniuszko School of Fine Arts collaborates with the School of Fine Arts in Lithuania and abroad ( Poland , Belarus ).


In a beautiful Baroque hall of the Palace not only school students but also famous performers of Lithuania and from abroad give concerts constantly.






Plento g. 5 , LT 17117


+370 380 51408

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